Precise Scanning Performance

for a Healthy Saddle


I genuinely look forward to and am excited about watching this company grow because it is an amazing thing that they are doing.

Erin Ronan,



HORSESHAPE ScanKit in Action

To give you an impression of how fast and easy a 3D measurementis with the HORSESHAPE ScanKit, we shot a short video for you. We just took our camera, went to a nearby stable and measured a horse in a authentic setting. The video...more


BETA 2012 with great Results for HORSESHAPE

After three interesting days, we just returned from BETA International 2012 in Birmingham. We can look back to intensive conversations and are happy that many recognized saddle experts visited us at our stand. The Englisch...more


WESA is big success for HORSESHAPE

WESA 2012 (January, 13 - 17) in Denver was a big success for HORSESHAPE. We had the chance to present the ScanKit to the American market for the first time ever. The feedback we collected was uniformly positive and...more


HORSESHAPE's first time in the US

As announced some weeks ago, the HORSESHAPE ScanKit is being presented in the United States for the first time right now. At WESA in Denver, the largest western riding exhibition of the country, we want to gather first...more


HORSESHAPE at Partner Pferd in Leipzig

From January 19th - 22nd 2012, the Partner Pferd exhibition will take place in Leipzig, Germany. In context of our cooperation, HORSESHAPE will be represented by Tom B├╝ttner at this event. Together with his team, Tom...more

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