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I am working with the Impression Pad. Does it make sense for me to use the ScanKit?

The Impression Pad serves a different purpose: It illustrates the pressure distribution between horse and saddle and therefore allows conclusions to necessary saddle adjustments. However, to implement these adjustments, the measurements of the horse back are required.

The ScanKit allows to get the horse back into the workshop using an 1:1 model of the horse back. It`s the perfect tool for saddle fitting and thereby the ideal complement for the Impression Pad.

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I am working with a measuring grid. Does it make sense for me to use the Horseshape ScanKit?

The measuring grid has the advantage that you can check the saddle fit on the spot.

Just like the measuring grid, HORSESHAPE offers the possibility to check the fit of the saddle using the model Saddleguide.

Additionally the ScanKit allows a longterm digitalized documentation of the horse back that makes a repoduction of the back possible at any time. Furthermore, the digitalization of the horseback goes along with the advantage to transmit the individual horseback to various institutions like saddle producers in an easy and fast way.  Its complement, the model Shapeproof, allows the horse owner to comprehend any alterations of the horse back over time.

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Why is it important to scan the horse back?

An exact fit of the saddle is the prerequisite for a perfect interplay between equestrian and horse as well as for the horse's health. A precise measurement of the horse back creates an essential basis for selecting or manufacturing an accurately fitting saddle. The HORSESHAPE ScanKit creates this basis with its 3D scan of the horse back. Therefore it works as a tool to help the saddle expert executing his job even better.

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What opportunities evolve from the measurement?

The 3D measurement by the HORSESHAPE ScanKit creates the perfect data basis for the physical realization of the horse back into several formats. Our focus is on the production of the two-piece Fittingset, consisting of Saddleguide and Shapeproof. As a one-to-one model of the horse back, the model Saddleguide forms the perfect basis for saddle selection and adjustment. By placing it into the saddle, the expert can see where and how the saddle has to be adjusted. Its complement, the model Shapeproof, creates transparency regarding the alterations of the horse back when placed on the horse. This documentation allows to find the right time for saddle adjustments.

Furthermore, data for several illustration tools for the horse back can be exported from the 3D model. For instance, HORSESHAPE provides an export of the data into the measurement matrix of the official measurement system of the German equestrian association (Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung, FN) and the German federal association of equestrian equipment (Bundesverband Fahrzeugausstattung und Reisportausrüstung, BVFR). This measuring matrix is the basis for the use of the TOMAX® Horseback Simulation Tool, that allows the saddle expert to reconstruct the horse back on basis of the HORSESHAPE scan.

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Is measuring a standing horse sufficient?

Measuring a standing horse is the basis for the work of the saddle expert. He can add complementary photo or video documentation and thereby take more information into consideration when choosing or adjusting a saddle.

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What is the difference between the HORSESHAPE measurement and a saddle pressure measurement?

These are two different measuring systems whose results complement one another. While the HORSESHAPE measurement creates a 3D image of the horse back, the saddle pressure measurement illustrates the contact area and pressure points of the saddle. Combining this with our two-piece FittingSet, the expert can generate the maximum possible transparency.

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What is the difference between HORSESHAPE and other measuring systems on the market?

The HORSESHAPE ScanKit is first to allow the objective measurement of the entire back. The measurement is not limited to individual spots or areas while the space between is interpolated - meaning guessed. As we measure the entire back using an optical laser scan system, we can provide a much more accurate data basis.

Furthermore, the measurement with the ScanKit is considerably faster the a mechanical measurement system. Our data is available in digital format instantly and do not have to be digitalized by manual importing or inserting.

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Is there a possibility to check if the saddle (still) fits?

The model Shapeproof of the FittingSet can be placed on the back of the horse to first of all check the accuracy of the measurement. Later, the Shapeproof can be used to check for alterations on the back. If the model does not fit on the back any more, it may have change since the measurement has been done, what may make a saddle adjustment necessary. In this case you should contact your saddle expert.

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How accurately can the measurements be reproduced?

The HORSESHAPE ScanKit scans the horse back millimeter-accurate. The data collected in the scan is digitally saved on the myHORSESHAPE platform. Based on this data, the measurement can be exported to various formats. The FittingSet for example is an one-to-one modell of the back. The documentation of the scan results on the myHORSESHAPE platform allow a reproduction of the measurement at any time.

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Does the HORSESHAPE measuring system consider alterations of the saddle?

The measurement with the HORSESHAPE ScanKit and the FittingSet created from it, form the basis for saddle adjustments by an expert. Alterations of the saddle over time can be identified by the Saddleguide. If the saddle does not fit anymore after some time, the saddle expert can use Shapeproof and Saddleguide to see if saddle or back changed and if an adjustment is necessary.

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How do I find the right saddle?

Based on a measurement with the HORSESHAPE ScanKit, an expert can select and custom fit an appropriate saddle for you and your horse. An overview of all official HORSESHAPE partners including their contact information can be found on the "Partner" area on our homepage.

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What are the advantages of a 3D scanner?

A 3D scan allows an exact measurement of the horse back. The result is a point cloud that is the model for a three dimensional image of the horse back. Unlike other measurement systems, HORSESHAPE does not reduce the horse back to a small number of measuring points but rather offers a complete 3D model of the back. This can be used as a data basis for various visualization tools for the horse back, e.g. the FittingSet or the TOMAX® Horseback Simulation Tool. Here, the ScanKit has the advantage of its objectiveness as the measurement result can not be influenced from exterior factors.

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What is the price for a measurement with the HORSESHAPE ScanKit?

The recommended retail price for a measurement with the HORSESHAPE ScanKit is 79 € plus travel costs. However, the final pricing is the decision of the saddle expert using the ScanKit. You can get more information from your contact person for custom fit saddles at our "Partner" page.

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How long does a measurement with the HORSESHAPE ScanKit take?

While the total duration of the scanning process, including the preparation of horse and software, is under five minutes, the actual measurement - meaning the recording of the 3D images - takes only about two seconds.

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How does the 3D measurement work and how accurate is it?

During the not even two seconds lasting measurement, several scans with 300,000 points each are collected. Each 3D image is shot in only one-thirtieth of a second. The 3D images are processed to compensate minimal movements of the horse. Thus a millimeter-accurate result is achieved.

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Is the scan dangerous to health?

No, the scan is not dangerous to neither human nor horse! There are only certified class 2 lasers used in the ScanKit, just like the ones used in ordinary laser pointers. Although there is no danger to health, you should avoid pointing the laser into the eye of humans or horses.

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Can the ScanKit measure every horse back?

Absolutely! We haven't found a horse we couldn't measure so far! Unlike other measuring systems on the market, we are not limited to any sizes by physical tools.

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Where can I get my saddle adjusted with the HORSESHAPE ScanKit? Where is the HORSESHAPE ScanKit used?

On our "Partner" page, you can find a map with all saddle experts that can scan your horse using the ScanKit. Just contact a partner near you and make an appointment.

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How often should the back of my horse be measured?

If you already had the back of your horse measured and own a FittingSet (model Shapeproof), you can track alterations of the back yourself. If placing the Shapeproof on the back reveals considerable alterations, you should contact you saddle expert. Your saddle expert can show you, which alterations can be called considerable making a saddle adjustment or a new measurement necessary.

If you do not own a FittingSet, you should let the horse back be measured at least once a year. As - depending on age and exercise of the horse - considerable alterations can occure relatively fast, we recommend measuring the horse twice a year.

Furthermore, yo should contact your saddle expert concerning a saddle check or measurement when you notice a concrete change in your horse's health or performance. A regular measurement is also a great way to document the muscle development of your horse.

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My horse shows lameness. Can I use the ScanKit to find out if the saddle is the cause?

The ScanKit and the data of the 3D scan can give you and the saddle expert valuable information to find the cause for the problem. Comparing several measurements from a certain time frame as well as the FittingSet (model Shapeproof) can show you, if the back of the horse changed and cause the saddle to not fit perfectly anymore. Furthermore, the Saddleguide can be placed into the saddle to check the fit of the saddle on the horse back.

Based on this information, you and the expert can see, if a bad fitting saddle may be the cause of the problem.

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How does the export into the measuring matrix of the FN and the BVFR for the TOMAX® Horseback Simulation Tool work?

The values for the measuring matrix of the TOMAX® Horseback Simulation Tool are automatically created from the measurement data of the 3D scan and are made available on the myHORSESHAPE platform. You can now use this data to recreate the scanned horse back on your TOMAX® Horseback Simulation tool.

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How is a FittingSet produced?

We create patterns for the single ribs of the model from the 3D data of the measurement. These ribs are cut from a foamboard material by a laser cutter. This material is very light but at the same time durable enough for the daily use. Furthermore, it is immune against moisture due to its foam core and its plastic cover.

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How can I store the FittingSet?

The FittingSet consists of two times 13 pieces each that can be assembled through a simple plug connection. Therefore, you can assemble and disassemble the FittingSet with only a few moves, to allow a space saving storage.

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myHORSESHAPE is the platform where the measurements conducted by the saddle exoerts are saved online. The platform is accessible over the internet using a personalized login and allows the administration of the measurement data including complimentary information such as photo or video documentation.

While the expert has an overview of his customers and their measurement data, the horse owner can also access the data about his horses and just like the expert compare 3D models of different measurements. This allows access to measurement data beyond country or region borders.

Furthermore, the myHORSESHAPE platform allows to order FittingSets from each measurement.

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How do I get access to myHORSESHAPE?

Before the scan, your saddle expert creates a data set about you and your horse in our software including your email adress. After uploading the scan data to HORSESHAPE by the saddle expert, you receive an email with all important information about your login to myHORSESHAPE.

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You can find information about the HORSESHAPE team right here.