Precise Scanning Performance

for a Healthy Saddle


I genuinely look forward to and am excited about watching this company grow because it is an amazing thing that they are doing.

Erin Ronan,

Horseshape FittingSet

Shapeproof and Saddleguide

The FittingSet can be ordered for every measurement and is individually manufactured. It has two parts the Shapeproof and the Saddleguide. The 1:1 negative model (Shapeproof) fits seamlessly on the horse’s back. The second model (Saddleguide) perfectly recreates the horsesback and is the perfect basis for saddle fitting and reflocking.


FittingSet – The life-size model of the horseback

Horseshape FittingSet - Two individual life-size models of a horseback
  • Individuality: The FittingSet is custom-made for every measurement and perfectly recreates the scanned horseback
  • Reliability: By direct data transfer to our cutting laser we can ensure highest reliability in our manufacturing process
  • Precision: Both parts of the FittingSet are produced out of single-piece material and therefore fit together perfectly

Shapeproof – Fits perfectly on the horse 

Horseshape Shapeproof - 1:1 negative model of a horseback
  • Documentation: The life-size model fits seamlessly on the horse and documents the horseback at the time of measurement
  • Show changes: By simply applying the Shapeproof to the horseback you can easily spot changes over time

Saddleguide – Takes the horseback to the workshop 

Horseshape Saddleguide - 1:1 positive model of a horseback
  • Recreating: The model precisely recreates the horse’s back and supports choosing, fitting and reflocking of the saddle

  • Transparency: By placing the Saddleguide in the saddle you can easily evaluate the saddle fit