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This is a good tool for saddle building.

Brian Morris, Morris & Nolan

TOMAX® Horseback Simulation Tools

Horseback Simulation Tool TOMAX® HBST
Pferderückenabbilder TOMAX® HBST

HORSESHAPE automatically provides measurement matrices (according to BVFR/FN) for horseback simulators. Find out more:


For the horseback simulation tool TOMAX® HBST the required matrix can be downloaded as PDF for every measurement. Due to the fact, that the whole horseback has been captured during the 3D-scan, now there is the option to pick individual positions every 2mm.

Click here to view an example.


For the automatic horseback simulation tool TOMAX® HBST+ digital the required file can be downloaded for every measurement. Starting position may be choosen freely, e.g. 20mm behind the shoulder blades. Have a look at this video to understand the functionality of the TOMAX® HBST+ digital: