Precise Scanning Performance

for a Healthy Saddle


I genuinely look forward to and am excited about watching this company grow because it is an amazing thing that they are doing.

Erin Ronan,

Horseshape Internet Plattform


After measurement with the 3D-Scanner the scan data is uploaded to the myHORSESHAPE Platform and processed by our servers. The processed scan data is the basis for documentation, editing and sharing of your measurement.

Documentation and Security

  • Documentation: The measurements are stored online and can be accessed anytime worldwide with all devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.)

  • Highest data security: All data is stored in two geographically separated data centers and is secured by modern security architecture

myHORSESHAPE Internet Platform

Edit Measurements

  • Visualisation: Every measurement is shown in various 3D views. This allows a detailed evaluation of the horseback

  • Measuring tools: Use our handy online measurement tools to visualize any cross sections of the horse’s back and measure distances and angles

  • 3D-PDF: This professional CAD-type tool enables you to conduct any measurement within the 3D data

Downloads & Sharing

  • Download: All measurement information can be downloaded as PDF and is then available offline

  • TOMAX: The platform automatically provides measurement matrix (according to BVFR/FN) for horseback simulators. This data can be downloaded as PDF for the HBST or as file for the HBST+ digital. More information here

  • Share data: Share your measurement directly with saddle makers. This enables the manufacturer to immediately access your scan data and start building your saddle. More information here

  • FittingSet: Order the individual manufactured life-size model of your horseback. More information here

  • TemplateAPP: Printout your individual life-size cuts through the Horseback on your own A4 or A3 printer. More information here

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