Precise Scanning Performance

for a Healthy Saddle


This is a good tool for saddle building.

Brian Morris, Morris & Nolan

Technology for perfect saddle fit

Ultimate solution for saddle fitting, saddle choosing and saddle reflocking


A perfect fitted saddle is very important for the horses’ health. Use the Horseshape System for ultimate transparency and long-term health of horses.


Precise Horseback Measurement

  • ScanKit: The mobile 3D-Scanner measures the horsebacks‘ surface digital, fast and with millimetric accuracy

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  • myHORSESHAPE: The Online Platform stores all measurement information and can be accessed anytime worldwide with all devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.). Our online measurement tools and 3D visualizations help to analyze the measurements.


Life-size Model of the Horseback

  • FittingSet: The life-size model perfectly recreates the horse’s back

  • Shapeproof: The negative model fits seamlessly on the horse and documents the horseback at the time of measurement. By simply applying the Shapeproof to the horseback you can easily spot changes over time and take care for the long-term health of the horse

  • Saddleguide: The positive model precisely recreates the horse’s back and takes the horseback to the shop. It supports the saddle fitter or saddle shop in choosing, fitting and reflocking of your perfect saddle.

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