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This is a good tool for saddle building.

Brian Morris, Morris & Nolan

Horseshape ScanKit

3D-Scanner for horsebacks

The ScanKit is the first mobile 3D measurement system for the horse’s back worldwide. With the easy handling of our 3D-Scanner measurement and documentation of horsebacks becomes fast, hassle-free and absolutely precise. 


ScanKit – The tool for horseback measurement 

Horseshape ScanKit - Everything for mobile 3D-scanning of horsebacks
  • Measurement tool: The ScanKit is the essential tool for measurement and documentation of horsebacks

  • Mobility: The battery-operated ScanKit is highly mobile. With the included backpack it is easily carried and operated by one person

  • Complete solution: The ScanKit includes everything for instant measurement: Scanner, netbook, batteries, marker, backpack and chargers

3D Scanner – Highest precision for horsebacks 

Horseshape ScanKit: 3D-Scanner for horsebacks
  • Hassle-free: Just position the scanner over the horse’s back. Modern image recognition algorithms and automatic lighting help to achieve an optimal measurement result

  • Precise: The 3D-Scanner measures the horsebacks‘ surface with millimetric accuracy, digital and absolutely impartial

  • Fast: The measuring process is completed within 1.5 seconds. The scanner takes 30 single measurements during this time to achieve best measurement results

Netbook – Easy Handling

  • Netbook: The included netbook is special customized for scanning purposes and is used to enter additional information at the scan site

  • Software: Our user friendly software guarantees the easy handling of the ScanKit. Just switch it on and start measuring... 

Usage: ScanKit in Action

In this video we are showing you, how easy and fast a measurement with the Horseshape ScanKit is. The measurement is shown in real-time. We added subtitles in English for you.

Never before has measuring the horse‘s back been so easy, fast and precise!

Our recommendation: Perform the scans in the stable area. There, you normally have ideal lighting conditions, an even and clean surface as well as enough space.
Four markers are placed onto the horse's back: At the ends of the shoulder blades, on the spine in the region of the withers and the 18th thoracic vertebrae.
The horse needs to stand relaxed and weight all legs equally. Here you can find the correct positioning of hooves.
Furthermore, the back should not be bent. The horse should look to the front.
While scanning the scanner should be held in a height of approx. 60 cm over the horse.Hint: Try to stand on a ladder or a small stair for comfortable scanning.
Switchable line lasers help you with correct positioning. The area between the red lines is captured.
The scanner should be held loosely in your hand so that it aligns perpendicular to the horse.
Furthermore the scanner must be kept horizontal. If all conditions are met, the scan is triggered and the horse's back will be captured within 1,5 seconds!