Precise Scanning Performance

for a Healthy Saddle


I genuinely look forward to and am excited about watching this company grow because it is an amazing thing that they are doing.

Erin Ronan,

Horseshape life-size printouts


Simply make a 3D Scan of the horseback anywhere in the world and only minutes later you can download your PDF file on the myHORSESHAPE platform and print the cuts you need on your own A4 or A3 printer in your shop.

Select your cuts

  • Select: Open your Horseshape measurement on the myHORSESHAPE platform and select the cuts you want to print

  • Choose: Add a grid to the printout and choose the pdf file size for your printer (A4 or A3)

  • Print: Printout your individual life-size cuts  on your own A4 or A3 printer

Individual life-size printout

  • Cuts: Up to 6 Individual selectable cuts can be shown on one sheet. The mm information on the cuts shows the position in relation to the shoulder blade position

  • Top line: The top line is included. The cuts are marked and a floor level information is added

  • Schoulder blades: The position of the shoulder blade ends is marked (0 mm position)

  • 18th spine: The position of the T18 is marked on the top line

  • Size Verification: Every printout has a verification scale on it. This enables you to verify the scaling of the printer with a ruler

  • Grid: You can add a 10mm grid pattern to the printout

  • QR-Code: The code leads directly to the measurement on the myHORSESHAPE platform