Precise Scanning Performance

for a Healthy Saddle


This is a good tool for saddle building.

Brian Morris, Morris & Nolan

Background of the System


All-important for horse owners and equestrians is the horse’s well-being. Based on the trend of the last years to create a more horse friendly equestrian sport, the saddle fit moves more and more into focus. Due to the material used in saddles and alterations of horsebacks, the fit of the saddle needs to be subject to examination on a regular basis. The necessity of regular saddle fitting and reflocking is undisputable among professionals.

So far, the horse owner has no possibility to diagnose and document alterations of his horse’s back. Therefore, a timely communication with a specialist in case of significant alterations of the horseback is not possible. Any costs caused by bad fit, such as dropping out of the horse, veterinarian costs, or declining value have to be borne by the owner himself.

The challenge for the saddle specialist is to detect these conditions and fit the saddle according to the specific needs of horse and equestrian. However, the foundation for the refit of the saddle is largely nontransparent and difficult to control or comprehend. Therefore, even saddlers and retailers have to rely on their experience as there are no appropriate tools at hand that provide reliable information on how to customize the saddle’s fit.


HORSESHAPE is the first to offer a technological and 100 percent reliable system to determine the individual shape of any horseback. As everybody can easily and reliably control the individual fit of a saddle on the shape of the horseback as well as recognize any necessary adjustments, this procedure creates a transparency never seen before in equitation. Labor input of saddlers and retailers is highly minimized. Saddle makers have access to raw data for optimization of their saddle types. Alternatively, they can produce a 100 percent made-to-measure saddle via an interface.

The horseback is measured through laser scan technology and ported into a 3D model. This is converted into a life size mockup that supports horse owners as well as saddlers and saddle makers to ensure and improve the accuracy of fit, as it can be inserted into the saddle and thereby visualizes the fit.